Shanghai Belling Learning, Promoting and Implementing the Spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress
Time:2017-11-14 View:14329

The 19thCPC National Congress takes a broad and long-term view, defines the developmentdirection and points the way to the future, and is a major milestone in thedevelopment history of the CPC and the country. Under the unified deployment ofHuada Semiconductor’s Party Committee, Shanghai Belling, as led by the Company’sparty committee, started a craze of learning the spirit of the 19thCPC National Congress at all levels of the party committee, politics offices,trade unions and Youth League committee.

ompany’s party committee headLu Ning emphasized that studying and implementing the spirit of the 19thNational Congress would be the primary political task for the Company’sorganizations at all levels, both at present and in the future. Partyorganizations, party members and cadres must firstly further strengthentheoretical studies, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19thNational Congress, learn the new PartyConstitution, and profoundly comprehend the connotation of the report ofthe 19th National Congress. Secondly, they need to further enhance the “fourconsciousnesses”, improve political, ideological and awareness level throughstudy, deeply appreciate the spiritual essence and rich connotation of XiJinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, andmaintain a high degree of consistency with the CPC Central Committee inthoughts, politics and actions. Thirdly, they must apply the Party’s generalprinciples of governance to practical work, guide and promote the healthydevelopment of the Company in all aspects and facilitate the smooth operationof Shanghai Belling Center with the spirit of the 19th NationalCongress.